David Holtz and Brittany Holtz Madden

Security and Stability in a Time of Uncertainty

You dream of financial security. How can you realize that dream?

Talk to David Holtz. David is an investment professional who can be your personal pilot to planning a financially secure future.
As your investment professional, David harnesses his analytical and problem-solving skills to help you navigate to your financial goals.

Making Complex Financial Concepts Simple to Understand

David and Brittany make investing easy to understand, and they welcome your active participation. They will educate you on the basics and quickly increase your investment knowledge - empowering you to make financial planning decisions with confidence.They will work with you to clarify your financial objectives and create long-term investment strategies to help you achieve them.

A seasoned professional with more than 30 years of financial services experience, David’s disciplined and focused commitment to your financial future can bring you peace of mind knowing that your future is in good hands. Brittany has been nurtured in that professional environment and will assure continuity as the years pass.